Getting Here

You will fly into Puerto Vallarta, MX (PVR).  Our team will help you secure safe and clean transportation to Casa Luz.  You will be greeted outside the airport and in less than 45 minutes you will arrive in paradise.  

The distanct from PVR airport to Punta Mita Resort is only about 25 miles.  Depending on the time of day and traffic conditions it can take 30-60 minutes.  
Casa Luz has a team of people to handle all of your needs.  Our concierge will assist you in securing the perfect transportation for your group.  All transportation will be provided in air conditioned, private vehicles and will be driven by licensed and insured drivers.  You will be safe, comfortable and even hydrated as you enjoy the ride to Punta Mita.  When scheduling your arrival to Casa Luz our team will also confirm your departure date and schedule your pick up directly at the Villa.  You will be picked up about 3 hrs prior to your departure time so that you have plenty of time and a stress free experience at the airport heading home.
If you have traveled to any destination in Mexico then you know how the initial exit from customs can be.  Be prepared for many very nice people trying to convince you they can get you where you need to go. You do not need to talk to any of them.  They will try to draw you in with simple questions like "Where are you staying? Do you know where you ride is?" etc.  Just smile, and let them know "We already have a driver waiting."  Keep walking out of that area, you will go through a few glass doors and you will exit into the airport.  The sun will be shining, you will see doors open to the parking lot and pick up and drop off area.  It is there, outside the airport will you will see many people holding signs with different resort names and last names.  You will look for a small whiteboard that says your last name and Casa Luz.  Your driver will have all the names of the people in your party, he will ensure you have all made it safely then help you get your bags to the vehicle.