Meals / Groceries / Food

Your breakfast and lunch will be prepared by your private cook/housekeeper Yuri.  Her food is amazing.  You do not pay for this preparation but you will be charged the cost of the groceries during your stay.  The cost of the groceries will vary depend on the size of your group and also how much you really want to eat.  Once you book your stay you will be put in touch with our local Punta Mita Concierge and a team who will help you choose your meals and even help you pre stock the home with all your favorite snacks and drinks if you would prefer. This is nothing more than a range, but for those who want a solid dollar amount  for food costs we have seen it range from about $25-$50 per person per day and that would include your breakfast and lunch along with a reasonable amount of drinks and snacks during your visit.  Keep in mind that this is just a range and based on group size, meal preferences etc could be more.
Upon booking the Villa you will gain access to our local team of experts and that will include concierge service.  Our concierge will send you a grocery order form and you can have whatever you want waiting for you in the home upon arrival.  If there is something missing from the grocery checklist, you can even just type in what you want and we will do all we can to have it for you.
Many of our guests will custom plan to stay at the beach club one day and not eat lunch in the Villa, or perhaps just a few members like the smaller kids that need to nap may come back and do lunch while others enjoy the beach club food.  Some guests will decide to try some local spots for breakfast one morning or go into town for lunch.  Our concierge will help organize all of this with you before arrival and utlimately you are in charge of your schedule.  We have found that other than the local food carts and lower end eateries, eating your meals in the Villa are not only the most economical, they really are the most tasty too.  
The food in and around the pueblo of Punta de Mita is amazing.  An important part of the Casa Luz experience is enjoying the people and places of the small pueblo which is accessible by golf cart or directly by foot via the private entrance located exclusively in Hacienda de Mita community.  We have learned that every guest has different dietary needs and along with that each guest reacts differently to the local cuisine.  We have spent over 10 yrs visitng Punta Mita and have never had any issues withe food served anywhere, including the amazing street food.  We would simply suggest you use the same caution you would eating street food in Asia, the Middle East, or even Los Angeles.  We have found that those serving food on the streets of Punta Mita take great efforts to provide a clean and inviting environment and we love enjoyng thier hand-crafted meals.  Feel free to check out the things to do link on our page header for more info.
Yes you can do as many dinners as you would like at Casa Luz.  Unlike breakfast and lunch, you will need to pay extra for the dinners.  Our staff goes home in the afternoon, but our concierge team can help you secure a team for dinners.  The dinners in Casa Luz are amazing.  You will feel as though you are getting first class service at the likes of the Four Seasons, but in the comfort of the Villa and honestly at a very affordable price.  The dinners are more customizable and gourmet.  You will love them and we strongly suggest doing at least one every few days of your stay.  

Health Questions

Our concierge will schedule you Covid tests in the comfort of the Villa prior to your departure.  The cost of the Covid tests will need to be paid on site in cash.  The cost of each Covid test will be around $90-$125 per person.  Results get delivered by email or can be printed and brought to the Villa though we suggest just having the emailed results saved in your phone as a photo snapshot.
Punta Mita has a state of the art hopsital immediately outside of the gates and it is on par with hopspitals in the United States and Canada.  If you need medical attention in the Villa it is common and very cost effective to have a Dr come see you in the comfort of the home.  You will be very impressed with the care you will recieve though it is highly unlikley you will need it. 
Each health insurance provider is different, so please check with your provider prior to visiting Casa Luz.

What is included in my nightly rate

Casa Luz is part of the Punta Mita Premier Sports and Golf membership.  You will have access at no additional cost to every Punta Mita beach club (Kupuri, Pacifico, Sufi Club, El Surf Club and The St Regis Beach Club.  Only guests or home owners of the Four Seasons can access the Four Seasons beach clubs.  
Green fees at either of the 2 Jack Niklaus courses are not included in your rate but if you choose a home that is not part of the golf package, you cannot access the courses.  Golfing in Punta Mita is voted the best golf in the entire country of Mexico year after year.  
Lastly, many guests are never told that they also have access to the tennis and pickleball courts along with a fitness center.  Access is part of the rental of Casa Luz, however guests will be charged a fee for daily access onsite. 
You will have to secure and pay for you own transportation to and from the Villa to PVR airport.  Our concierge team will be assisting you with that before you arrival.  Transportation is comfortable, private, and economical.  Typically you will pay in cash each way as there may be different drivers to and from the Villa.  Tipping is customary.  
Included in your rate as stated elsewhere, is meal preparation for breakfast and lunch, daily housekeeping, a house manager, daily laundry if needed and of course our concierge team. Tipping upon your departure is recommended and customary.  As oppsoed to making our tipping suggestions public, you can ask the concierge before your trip or during your trip.  Speaking of our concierge team, we would recommend tipping them too based on how often you rely on them.  Feel free to email us through the email link on our home page footer if you have additional questions regarding tipping.  

Staff in the Villa

Though schedules will vary based on when you plan to wake and have breakfast each day, our staff will normally be in the home by 8 or 8:30 am and will leave by 3:30 or 4 daily. 
All of our concierge team is fluent in English and our Villa staff who will be on site, speak primarily Spanish.  Erwin, our house manager can quite easily communicate with you in English but both parties may rely on google translate from time to time.  We feel strongly that what makes Casa Luz so amazing is our team and hiring locals, who love their country, love our guests and are part of the local culture all help make your stay very memorable.  We have never recieved feedback suggesting that communication was an issue.  Feel free to work with the concierge (fluent English) if you have any concerns. 
Though tipping is options, we suggest doing so as it is customary.  .We do not share our tipping suggestions on the web, but you can either email us prior to your trip by looking for the email in our page footer, or you can discuss with our concierge before or during your stay.  You will love our staff and will wish you could have them all the time in your own personal lives.  Tipping is a great way to demonstrate your gratitude for them upon departure.  


Casa Luz is part of the beuatiful Hacienda de Mita neighborhood and as a renter you will have private access to the Hacienda de Mita Residents Pool and Beach.  Within a short walk of the Villa you will find a beautiful beach and large swimming pool and jacuzzi.  Though Casa Luz has both a private pool and jacuzzi, feel free to visit the El Anclote Beach and surf break located right off the HDM pool.  
In addition to the HDM private beach club you will have access to 5 other private and upscale beach clubs located through out Punta Mita.  The Villa comes with the Premier Sport and Golf membership so you will be within 5-10 mins via your private golf cart(s) to the following beach clubs: Kupuri, Pacifico, El Surf Club, Sufi Beach Club and Sea Breeze Beach Club at the St Regis Hotel.  
Smoking is strictly prohibited in all areas both inside and outside living of Casa Luz.  Strict adherence to this rule is required or may result in immediate eviction.  We honor your personal choice to smoke but ask that you also honor our wonderul home.  
Yes, infants and all children are counted in the maximum guest count.  There are no exceptions to this rule though if your party is larger than 16, please shoot us an email as we may be able to assist you in finding an adjacent home or condo for additional guests.  
You will not need a rental car while in Punta Mita.  Most guests never go further than just outside the private gates of Punta Mita and that takes about 3-5 mins in golf cart from Casa Croazon.  Should you have an extended stay and want to visit the nearby town of Sayulita or even further, our concierge can help you find transportation for those day trips.  If you are interested in renting a car, please inquire with our concierge as there are rental cars available in the area.  
You can email us anytime at the link the page footer. 
Unfortunatley though Punta Mita does allow pets, Casa Luz does not.  We appreciate your understanding.